Manchester University Stories

Founded in 1889, Manchester University is a private college of about 1,300 students in North Manchester, Indiana with our College of Pharmacy at a Fort Wayne, IN campus. We are devoted to respecting the infinite worth of every individual & graduating persons of ability & conviction. These are our stories, photos, and other information related to being a Spartan.
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The dichoric acrylic sculpture in the Science Center, you have to see it in person! #manchesteruniversity

Summer is amazing in North Manchester, but it would be better with students. Just over 1 month! #manchesteruniversity #summer

Petersime Chapel, looking through the trees in front of the Science Center. #manchesteruniversity


Historical video of the 1941 inauguration of President Vernon F. Schwalm.  An alumnus of Manchester College, Vernon received his BA degree from Manchester in 1913.  He went on to study at the University of Chicago.  Officiating at the inauguration is outgoing president, Otho Winger, who served Manchester from 1907-1941 as instructor (Philosophy, History, English), Vice-President (1910-1911) and President  (1911-1941).  Winger was instrumental in Schwalm’s development as a student and helped shape his career.

Another beautiful summer day, but we miss our great students. Only another month and a half until fall semester! #manchesteruniversity

How well do you know Manchester? Where can you find this on campus? #manchesteruniversity

You can always make an impact, just by doing what is right. Have an impactful summer Spartans! #manchesteruniversity #quotes

The iconic Alumni Fountain, today is a beautiful day to enjoy a book or conversation with friends here! #manchesteruniversity #fountain

Good morning! Today is the second Orientation Day for new students, welcome to the community!

Campus is beautiful this time of year, visit anytime!

The selfie station at Orientation! #manchesteruniversity #futurespartan

During the year students from across campus come to Winger for art, music, or for their own radio shows on WBKE. #manchesteruniversity #art #music #band #choir #radio

Sure, campus is beautiful in the summer, but it just isn’t the same without the students. Only 90 more days until the fall semester! #manchesteruniversity

Have a great Memorial Day weekend Spartans! We give thanks to all who make this a unique home. #manchesteruniversity #chapel