Manchester University Stories

Founded in 1889, Manchester University is a private college of about 1,300 students in North Manchester, Indiana with our College of Pharmacy at a Fort Wayne, IN campus. We are devoted to respecting the infinite worth of every individual & graduating persons of ability & conviction. These are our stories, photos, and other information related to being a Spartan.
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Yep, we’re proud to say that it is Pride Week on campus! #manchesteruniversity #pride

Part of the morning session for #walkintomyfuture, from the top of Funderburg! #manchesteruniversity

The morning session students are arriving by the busload! #manchesteruniversity #walkintomyfuture

We’re hosting more than 2,000 Promise Kids from Wabash and Whitley counties for #walkintomyfuture. It’s going to be an awesome day! #manchesteruniversity

Good morning on this crisp fall morning, make it a great day Spartans! #manchesteruniversity #fall

The Peace Garden makes the perfect secluded spot on campus to read, relax, or study. #manchesteruniversity

Andrew, one of our Spartan Ambassadors, is doing a great job giving a tour in the rain today. Lots of #futurespartans visiting campus lately! #manchesteruniversity

Manchester University was named Best in the Midwest for the 21st consecutive year and once again the #1 value in Indiana and #4 in the Midwest by US News and World Report! #manchesteruniversity #rankings #excellence #value

Good morning from foggy Manchester! Make it a great day Spartans. #manchesteruniversity

The activities fair is going strong! Come out to the mall before 6:30. #manchesteruniversity

Meet Mikayla Munn! Just one of our wonderful RAs . 
1. Where do you live on campus?
• I live in Schwalm
2. Why did you become an RA?
• I became an RA because I was told I had good qualities to be one. I am creative and outgoing but I’m stubborn when it comes to rules. I enjoy having fun with my residents.
3. What is your favorite part about being an RA?
• Creating new friendships with people I may not of ever met otherwise.
4. What is your favorite place on campus and why?
• My favorite place would be with the people that love and care about me
5. If you could give every student one piece of advice what would it be?
• My piece of advice would be enjoy your college years but be smart about it. My job is to keep you safe I’m not looking for trouble because paper work isn’t fun.


Ikenberry Hall 1926. Ikenberry was a men’s residence at the corner of College and Wayne. #manchesteruniversity #tbt

Convosational cookout and games in the Jo Young Switzer Center, a new tradition after opening convo! #manchesteruniversity

The first annual convosational cookout (or in due to weather) is kicking off in the Jo Young Switzer Center! #manchesteruniversity

Opening convo 2014! #manchesteruniversity #welcomehome